Solar Solutions & Consultation

I specialise in customising portable 12v self-reliance power packs.
In everything we use, from phones to PDAs, radios, cameras, etc, we need power.
Self-sufficiency in terms of having adequate food & water supply in the modern world just isn't enough for expedition teams or filming crew who does work in remote locations.

Even for rescue operations to be called upon, communication devices like satellite phonesneed power.
I can provide solutions for your solar needs, provide consultation and propose solutions, or can be hired as part of your team on a project basis.

Are you in doubt?

I'm pretty sure someone must be wondering why this chap involved in film/TV have such a wide diversity to go into solar, communications, radio control & expeditions.

Questions raised by most customers are, "Am I qualified?"

Academically, I do not hold an engineering degree, but I am taught electrical & electronics in part of my diploma studies in film. This is crucial as we handle film lightings that can go as high as 240vAC 3kW. Solar (photovoltaic) application is part of my personal research/hobby to be self-sustainable while filming out in the field for days without grid power or when fuel is not readily available.

With the benefits of specialised military training and the dedication to the seemingly strange hobbies that I have, they all add up to why my some of services are so specialised and specific.

Hope to be of service to you!

Signing off for now,

Dixon Liw
November 2006

To find out more, kindly mail me with your requirements at :
Dixon at dxnmedia dot net

Alternatively, you can reach me at +65 9635-0447.
My apologies in advance if I won't pick up my calls when I am servicing my clients.
You, as my client, are paying for my time and it is my policy to give you my full attention.