Broadcast Editing Courses:

Throughout my course of work in Singapore, I've encountered countless situations where I have to fix problems in video works that was edited by other 'offline' editors during preparation for broadcasting.

This process, in traditional terms, it is called 'online editing', but due to the changes in technology and workflow, I would prefer to call this process 'Video Mastering'. Video mastering can be done on for various applications, eg. for broadcast transmission, printing to film, Plasma TV, web video, or for DVD. The process and approach methodology for each type of mastering is slightly different, and at the highest level for critical quality would be the video mastering process for HD broadcasting.

It have been brought to my attention that most video editors, especially in the context of the local industry, only knew editing skills, but lacked the technical knowledge on video engineering and technology.

As a professional broadcast editor, I see myself as someone who closes the gap between the director's artistic vision and the technicalities or limitations of video technology. I see a need in educating fellow editors in this area of video editing work where the film schools and institutions seemed to have left out.

Current Courses:

As a specialist course, my style of imparting knowledge is mainly on a one-one basis or a small group. Flexible training timing can be arranged, and courses can be customised to suit any particular needs.

Editing workstation are expected to be provided so that editors are comfortable with the specific setup and configuration. I always put emphasis for 'on-the-job' learning and it is encouraged that my training materials can be acquired from the video projects or media that you have in your system. It is even better if you have a job to deliver and I can be engaged as a trainer/consultant to aide in your video mastering process.

Basic Final Cut Editing Course Wedding Video Production Course
Broadcast Video Mastering Course Video Editing for Projection
DVD Authoring with DVD Studio Pro Advanced FCP Editing
Basic Avid Editing Course Media Formats Overview Course

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